Question Stems Mar 01

Resource Round-Up: Secondary ELA and Social Studies Edition (Vol. 7)

This round-up is filled to the brim with secondary ELA and Social Studies resources to help increase student engagement and literary analysis. We’re featuring Social Justice Unit Bundles, Guided Reading Packets, Graphic Organizers, and More. Check out these resources, half of which are free! Question Stems “Idea Ring” for Social Studies by Active History Teacher […]

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Plotting a New Course: Educating the Next Generation of Tech Talent Feb 24

Plotting a New Course: Educating the Next Generation of Tech Talent

Contributed by Elizabeth Lipscomb  Vice President of Business Development, Discovery Education   There are a number of challenges our economy will face with regard to the lack of young people prepared with the STEM skills necessary to join as productive members of the STEM workforce. According to research by STEMConnector, there are critical gaps within the STEM ecosystem […]

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My Most Popular Tweets Of The Month Feb 18

My Most Popular Tweets Of The Month

PhotoMIX-Company / Pixabay I used to post weekly collections of my best tweets, and used Storify to bring them together. Unfortunately, Storify went under. Fortunately, however, Wakelet was a new tool that was able to import all of a person’s Storifys. So you can see all those previous Twitter “Best” lists here. You might also […]

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Feb 13

How to Become a Certified Nutritionist

Well, nowadays people are well educated and sophisticated, in this digital world there are lots of people have their own ambitions and they have their own to goals to achieve. Because of that people are taking different forms of degree and courses to become what they think to achieve. Nowadays there are so many colleges […]

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Jan 11

The Difference Between Creativity and Innovation

I think creativity is indeed thinking up new concepts/things. Innovation is making this new concept/thing practical in a novel way. Creativity is dreaming up a new invention and innovation is making it real in ones own unique way. When you bring something new into existence you can say you created it. You cannot say you […]

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Dec 10

5 Tips on Innovation in Management Practices

Innovation is what drives business forward. If a business stops innovating, it is basically dead. Think of innovation as swimming. Not only does swimming keep your head above water, but it allows you to move towards your goals. Innovation today is more important than ever. The business climate is extremely competitive. Fierce. The old saying […]

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Nov 09

Should You Devote One Day Per Month To Innovation?

I’m pretty sure that by now your management has more than once asked you to get your team to be more innovative. I’m pretty sure that we’re all on board here, I mean who wouldn’t want to have the IT manager skills that would allow your team to come up with better ideas? However, the […]

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Oct 07

Overview of Issues in Current and Higher Education

The education system is the backbone of a progressing society. It is the standard of education that determines an individual’s and the country’s progress. A typical educational system consists of Primary Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Higher education institutes. It is important to provide quality education at all levels in order to have sustainable growth […]

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Sep 05

Get the Career You Want Through Online Education

Are you working in your dreamed career field? If you are one of those who can’ made your dreamed career comes true, online education will be your best path to earn a career degree to enter a career field that was your career goal when you were at college. With the available of online education […]

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Aug 04

Online Education to Become a Teacher

You might want to consider acquiring an online degree if you are interested in becoming a teacher. The field of education is one that gives you plenty of opportunities to try out different roles. As a teacher, you can focus on early, middle, or secondary aged students. You can also take on administrative roles with […]

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